When I played basketball in high school, I always had in mind the kind of player I wanted to be.  Of course, this player was Michael Jordan.  I would watch him play and try the stuff that he did on the basketball court.  I remember even hanging my tongue out of my mouth while I played, thinking that it gave me more swagger. Jordan made me desire to work harder, push further, and win more because of the example he set on the basketball court.  He made me want to compete.  

Now if something like basketball can have that kind of effect on a young persons life, shouldn't following Jesus be able to have so much more of an effect?  So why doesn't it?  

While I think there are many answers to this question, I want to focus on just one.  I believe that following Jesus is not captivating young people's hearts over things like sports, art, or business because there is a tremendous lack of good models.  It is saddening that students even in the church can't find people that are all out, passionately pursuing Jesus with every ounce of themselves.  Where are the Michael Jordans for Jesus?  Following Jesus has become more like a laid back way of life, that looks like doing the right things and not the wrong things, treating people fairly, or serving food at the next church fellowship.  Don't get me wrong those things are admirable and need to be done, but isn't Jesus calling us to more? 

Paul says in 1 Corinthians 11:1, "Follow me as I follow the example of Christ."  We all need people like Paul in our life... people who we strain to be more like when it comes to their pursuit of Jesus.  The world has endless options for models in just about anything you want to do.  This is where the church is desperately lacking.  

Two questions to end this blog.  Who is currently challenging you in your pursuit of Christ?  If you don't have someone then I would encourage you to find a "Jordan" that pushes you to be way more than you are capable of.  Secondly, would your current pursuit of Christ be considered challenging to anyone?

I pray that you would be challenged to pursue Christ relentlessly.  We don't have long on this earth so make every moment count.  Hopefully the video below will help get you started.